Veneers Warranty

Veneers Warranty - They Cover Any Problem Happen For Fabrication And Or Preparation
Your teeth play vital role in your beauty. Healthy teeth not only enhance your beauty but they also keep you healthy. People with unhealthy teeth face various problems such as diabetes, heart problems etc.
How Damaged Teeth are prevented from Further Damage
When the upper layers of your teeth get damaged, a restorative material is used to prevent further damage of your teeth. Such materials also improve the aesthetics of your teeth.
Composite and Dental Porcelain
Composite and dental porcelain are two types of restorative materials which are mainly used to fabricate a veneer. In case of composite veneer, your dental technician usually places it directly or indirectly. This process is usually done in dental laboratory and thereafter it is bonded to the teeth which are generally done with the use of resin cements.  However, in case of porcelain veneer, it may only be fabricated indirectly.
There are some dentists who give you veneers warranty for a period of 5 years but in return, they also ask you to make full payment. In some cases, teeth are also resorted with veneers at a discounted rate. This may be done as advertisement of promotions of websites or as marketing promotions. In such cases, you may get a warranty period of 4 years.
Veneers Warranty
However, you should keep in mind that you get veneers warranty for the normal use of veneers only. In such cases you may get the warranty of replacement of veneers due to normal use or it may be repaired, whichever would be required. But if your veneers break due to other reasons, you would not get the benefit of warranty. For example if you have the habit of chewing ice and jaw breakers, which damage veneers, you would not get the benefit of warranty.  Even if your veneers are damaged due to accidents from trauma, it would not cover veneers warranty.
You would get the benefit of warranty if you visit your dentist for cleaning appointments. You would be recommended for examination of your teeth every 6 months. However, it is recommended that you should go for professional cleaning every 3 months so that decay can be prevented and you can maintain healthy gums around your veneers.
You should take proper care of your oral health by brushing twice a day. You must make it a practice to floss every day. You also need to use fluoride toothpaste to maintain healthy teeth and gums and for your long term success.
You need to avoid sugary foods as much as possible. You may not get the benefit of veneers warranty if your dentist has asked you to avoid soda or other drinks and foods which cause acidic effect on your teeth.  Sugary foods and foods that produce acid cause deterioration of your dental restorations at faster rate. Such foods are not even good for your natural teeth. Hence everyone who wants his/her teeth to be healthy should avoid such foods.
With proper care you can use your veneer for several years because in modern days, veneers typically last for 10 to 30 years due to high quality cements and bonding agents and when it comes to veneers warranty, they cover any problem happen for fabrication and/or preparation.