Veneers Lasting Age

Veneers are thin layers of materials placed on the surface of the front teeth to restore some dental problems like, crooked teeth, chipped teeth, spaced teeth, small teeth and discolored teeth. There are two types of veneer materials used the composite or resin veneer and the porcelain veneer.
The choice of which type of veneer material should be used will depend on the condition of the damage, the extent of the damage and the quantity of veneers needed. For small problems that will not require any adjustments to the natural tooth, like tooth reduction. So, composite veneers are ideal for small teeth and small gaps between teeth.
Composite veneers are also good for those who want to get instant restoration, because they can be installed in one sitting. Since there will be no need for any tooth reduction, then the composite material can be placed in the mouth and the dentist will then work on reshaping it to fit and to match the rest of the natural teeth.
Porcelain veneers on the other hand are more expensive but they are the best materials for veneers. Porcelain have a more translucent look at that adds to a more natural look for that dazzling smile that you have been dreaming of.
The good thing about porcelain veneers is that it is fabricated from a mould taken from your teeth and then the actual porcelain veneer is fabricated in a dental laboratory. This means then that you cannot get your veneers placed on one visit. The good thing is you will get highly reliable and translucent veneers that you enjoy for a long time.
One of the common questions when it comes to veneer placements is how long do they last?
The answer here is simple; it depends mainly on the material used. Between composite and porcelain, of course porcelain will last longer since it is a more durable material.
Composite veneers usually can only last for about 5 years, and then you need to have it replaced. Porcelain veneers on the other hand can last up to 20 years, but that will depend on how you treat and care for them.
Both materials can actually last longer than their expected life expectancy, that is if you will be able to ensure that you will avoid eating foods that will have any bad effect on the veneers. It is best to keep in mind that veneers are thin coatings, so it is only natural that they are highly prone to cracks and chips.
The extent of the service that a veneer placement can provide will also depend on the your oral hygiene, of course if you had have damaged teeth due to bad dental hygiene and that required the placement of veneers, then it should only be expected that you will not lack in proper dental hygiene anymore.
To be sure about how long can a particular veneer last, it is best if you can ask your dentist about it. Most times, a highly skilled dental specialist can provide you with a very durable veneer that can last a lifetime.