Veneers For Stains

Veneers are highly used to restore tooth damages like having stained teeth. The most common problems of adults are that they cannot actually smile a lot in public due to tetracycline stains on their teeth. There are actually many ways to hide those dark stains.
For mild cases of teeth stains, a simple procedure of teeth whitening might do the job. Conventional bleaching techniques though may not be as good for moderate to sever cases of stained teeth.
Tetracycline is a potent antibiotic used to effectively kill bacteria. It is an effective product though with certain bad side effects. When teeth are in the forming stage and tetracycline was taken, then it will stay in the tooth enamel that will eventually be the permanent brown stains. These brown stains will be the cause of discoloration to the tooth or may create horizontal stain that may come in varying intensities.
The best way to treat or hide dark brown stains on the teeth cosmetic procedures. Cosmetic dentistry can provide the best options for treatment of stained teeth. Some of the treatments possible are veneer placement, crown and bonding. An expert cosmetic dentist is the one that can really determine the type of treatment procedure that is best for the specific staining problem, especially tetracycline staining.
Be sure that you will consult an expert and highly skilled cosmetic surgeon. If you are searching online, make sure that you read the reviews or you ask for references when you start inquiring by phone. Be wary of some dentists that will promise that they know what to do when in reality they have not done any extensive dental procedures before. Years of experience are one of the main factors to be considered. You have to take into consideration that your health can be highly affected if improper placements were done. Not only that, the restoration of stained teeth does not come cheap, so, it is best if you can have the procedure properly done to avoid a repeat procedure if the first treatment suddenly failed.
The most common mistake that regular dentist commit is in insisting the use of bleaching even for highly stained teeth. The problem with the use of bleaching for extensive staining is that the bleaching compound cannot reach the depth of the stain. Tetracycline stains go deep, and when they are not effectively bleach, there could be dark triangles left in between the teeth.
So keep in mind that for severe staining, porcelain veneer placement is the best solution. It can provide the most natural looking smile than what bleaching can produce.
Porcelain veneer also offers a more lasting solution than what bleaching can provide. If your stains are not to sever and you are willing to have regular bleaching sessions, then by all means have your teeth bleached. But if, on the other hand you want a treatment procedure that will be worth your money, then you should opt for one that cannot only last longer, but can also provide you with the most natural looking and dazzling smile and can also strengthen your teeth.