Veneers For Spaces

Tooth gap is not nice to look at. For people who have been suffering from teeth spacing, most of the times, they can not model confident smiles. Though it was said that a space between the two front teeth sometimes can also be attractive, some people still do not care to be forever burdened with these gaps.
So, what is the best way to treat tooth spacing? One of the most popular options is veneer placements. Installation of composite veneers can be the fastest and the most affordable way to fix tooth gap. The procedure for composite veneer placement only requires one clinic sitting wherein the entire procedure can be done within an hour. The materials will be directly fabricated into the mouth of the patient that is why it only takes one visit. This procedure can be a very good but temporary solution for small gaps. Other dentists call this procedure as tooth bonding, wherein the surface to be treated is slightly roughened and then the composite material is placed on the tooth. The dentist will then arrange the shape and match the color of the rest of the natural teeth. To make it clear the only thing that will be done with the tooth is to roughen it, there will be no grinding away of excess tooth. Properly shaped composite veneers can actually be very nice to look at and healthy too.
If a patient opts to have the gap treated with this particular technique, it is very important to have it done by a highly skilled cosmetic dentist. The entire work is to be done freehand; therefore it requires artistry, a huge knowledge of composite bonding materials, and the dentist must be able to meticulously attend to every detail.
Larger gaps though, present bigger problems. When the space in between the two front teeth is too large, placement of composite material for bonding may make the front teeth appear too large that it will be hard to make them look natural. To properly fix bigger spacing, teeth should be reshaped and therefore porcelain veneers will be required. Porcelain veneers are the more aggressive and more expensive treatment option than direct composite bonding. But for bigger problems like wider gaps in between teeth porcelain is the best way to go.
When a patient is considering closing the space between the two front teeth it is best to discuss all possible options.  The most common first option is Orthodontics, which would be a procedure that would close the space by moving the natural teeth together.  The second option is cosmetic bonding which is a procedure that involves placement of composite resin, which will be colored to match the natural teeth and the attached to the teeth to close the space.  The third option is the placement of porcelain veneers, which is a more expensive and intensive way to effectively close the gaps. The choice usually depends on two factors; the condition of the teeth and the budget of the patient. It is therefore recommended to find a reliable dentist that will explain all possible options as well as the procedures to be done for each treatment and the costs that the patient will eventually pay for the restoration process.