Tooth Filling

Tooth fillings and all you need to know about it
Tooth filling is done to replace dentin or enamel that is removed or to correct structural damage to the tooth. the dental tissues (dentin or enamel)  of the tooth may be removed because it was infected with caries. Trauma can cause the tooth to break off partially. This calls for correction and the solution is filling. Dental fillings are also done for aesthetic reasons. These days, for cosmetic purposes composite filling is most commonly used.

Types of filling
The type of tooth filling depends on the material that is used. There are many materials that can be used for the purpose of filling. Some of the most commonly used ones include

  • Gold
  • Silver amalgam
  • Composite


Gold filling is the most expensive of the lot. It is an alternative to those who are allergic to other types of material. Since gold is inert, it does not cause any reactions. Amalgam filling was common during earlier times, before it was replaced by composite filling. Silver amalgam leaves a metal sensation in the mouth and stands out distinctively. Today most fillings are composite. The material is a combination of many compounds – a composite. It has an appearance similar to natural teeth and it is strong. Composite filling has very small chances of causing allergy and does not leave an unpleasant feeling in the mouth after treatment.

How is tooth filling Done?
Tooth filling is usually done in one visit. You will be examined and your problem will be determined. If you are opting for other procedures like root canal, then filling is the last part of the procedure. However the filling itself is done in one visit. Once the tooth is prepared, the material chosen is filled in it layer by layer. For some material like composites, the filling needs light. Hence every time a new layer is made, light is used to make the composite a polymer, which will eventually make it strong. Once the tooth filling is complete, the top is cleaned and polished to even it, in order to replicate the grooves in the tooth as closely as possible.

Caring for tooth after filling
The filling has a finite life. The life differs for different material. You can get a filling to last its entire life if you were to take care of your teeth by maintaining dental hygiene. Care should also be taken immediately after the filling. You would be advised to not take any food hot or cold. You would also be advised against using the filled tooth for chewing, to allow the material to set. For major fillings, care should also be taken when biting into something too hard. A good dentist can give you a long lasting filling.

Tooth fillings done to substitute lost tooth pulp. Different types of filling include amalgam filling, composite filling and gold filling. Tooth filling is done in one visit. Care should be taken immediately after filling.