Teeth Pain

Causes, Symptoms and Remedies for Teeth Pain
Tooth aches are generally caused by a dental problem such as a dental cavity, gum disease or tooth fracture. Jaw joint disease or muscle spasms can also cause teeth pain. Teeth pain can range from mild and sharp to chronic and excruciating. A medical dental professional will be able to determine the cause of tooth pain after a thorough dental examination. 
Symptoms and Causes
When you are experiencing toothache, you should be able to tell your dentist the severity of tooth pain, location of the pain and time of the pain, so that your dentist will be able to understand the urgency of your tooth problem. The following information will help you understand the various symptoms of toothache.
  • When you feel momentary sensitivity to cold or hot food – it is due to tooth decay, tooth fracture or exposed root surface.
  • When you are experiencing prolonged sensitivity to cold or hot food – it is due to the irreversible damage caused by deep tooth decay, fracture or periodontal trauma or disease.
  • Biting sensitivity or mild pain near a tooth- is caused by the inflammation of the pulp tissue.
  • Sharp pain when biting food-could be due to various symptoms such as cuspal fracture, decay, loose filling, split tooth or vertical root fracture.
  • Swelling of the gum, sensitivity to touch and constant pain- is caused due to abscessed tooth.
  • If you experience teeth pain when you tap it on the sides- it could be due to periodontal ligament inflammation.
  • Mild pain and pressure in the upper teeth and jaw- is caused due to sinus.
  • Chronic pain in the ear, head or neck- is caused due to damaged pulp.
Other Types of Toothache
You may also experience some common and temporary symptoms after a dental treatment such as sensitivity to hot and cold food and mild pain when biting food. Wisdom teeth pain is experienced especially between the ages of 17 and 21, because that is when wisdom tooth emerges. Wisdom teeth pain can turn out to be quite painful and severe if the wisdom tooth is not healthy.
Teeth Pain Remedies
There are no instant teeth pain remedies to ease the pain since you will not be able to pin point the actual cause for your tooth pain. The only solution is to visit your dentist who will first examine and evaluate the problem. The dentist may have to conduct some tests and take x-ray to determine the cause and extent of your tooth problem, based on which he will advice you the right course of treatment. In case your teeth pain is unbearable.
The main reasons for tooth pain can be attributed to diet consisting of excessive sugar, fizzy beverages, injury and poor oral hygiene. Wisdom teeth pain is also quite common among teens and adults. However, only a dentist will be able to identify the exact cause of teeth pain and provide appropriate teeth pain remedies.