Teeth Grinding

Neglecting Teeth Grinding In Sleep
We have all heard of teeth grinding; through a family member who does it in their sleep or doing it ourselves. We often wonder at what is the cause of it.
Teeth grinding and Burxism
The condition where we consciously or unconsciously grind or clench our teeth while we are asleep either during the day or at night is known as ‘Bruxism’. It is both a medical as well as a dental problem as it affects both our teeth and the region that comprises it, namely our head.Teeth grindingin sleep, like snoring or talking, can often prove to be a disturbance to others. Teeth grinding in sleep is attributed to several reasons. Some of which are stress and the misalignment of teeth.
Harmful Effects Of Teeth Grinding
Bruxism by itself is not a serious disorder. Many children suffer from it but outgrow it later on in their lives. It is more of a problem for adults because of its ramifications on our dental health. Over a period of time, teeth grinding in sleepcan seriously affect our mouth and jaw and cause facial problems too. Add to that broken and missing teeth and broken dentures and we understand the seriousness of the situation. If you suffer from Bruxism then it is imperative that you consult your dentist before the problem gets out of hand.
If someone tells you that you clench your teeth while sleeping, consult your doctor about it. If your teeth show symptoms of it, your dentist will refer you to a doctor who will address the problem for you. Once the Bruxism is handled or during the process itself your dentist will start the treatment to repair your teeth. During this period a mouth guard for grinding teethis the first remedy that will be prescribed for you. If teeth grinding in sleepis the result of the misalignment of your teeth itself, your dentist will make a customized mouth guard for you in order to protect your tooth and tooth enamel.
Advantages Of A Mouth Guard
The greatest advantage a mouth guard will offer you is to protect your teeth from further damage. In children, if the baby teeth are affected, it is not so serious a problem as later on they go on and get their permanent teeth. On the other hand, with adults a mouth guard for grinding teethprotects teeth that we are ever going to have. If you suffer from Bruxism, you already have enough to worry without having to contend with potential damage to your teeth. Thus, a mouth guard takes away any extra stress you may feel on account of your damaged teeth.
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Teeth grindingis a symptom of Bruxism. Teeth grinding in sleepcan lead to severe dental complications. The use of a mouth guard for protecting teethwill save them from further damage. Teeth grindingshould not be left untreated.