Teeth Bleaching

Dental Procedures and Cost of Teeth Whitening Treatment
Teeth whitening, also referred to as dental bleaching is one of the most common dental procedure conducted under cosmetic dentistry. It involves removal of teeth stains. Clean sparkling white teeth are essential for your overall health as well as for your appearance. Teeth whitening will not only result in good dental hygiene but also enhances your appearance.
Two Things To Consider Before Undergoing Teeth Whitening Procedure
There are many factors that contribute to tooth staining such as diets that include excessive fizzy drinks, coffee and tea, poor dental hygiene, chewing of tobacco, smoking, etc. Tooth staining is one of the most common problems that occur in almost all individuals. There are a number of teeth whitening methods and it is very important for you to consider couple of things before going in for tooth whitening procedure.
  • First visit a teeth whitening dentist to identify the extent of your tooth stains.
  • Tooth whitening products can be used at home, but however, these products contain bleaches and hence you should always use these products under the strict supervision of a medical whitening dentist. 
Teeth Whitening Methods
There are number of methods you can choose from, in order to achieve sparkling white teeth. Although this article will help you understand the various teeth whitening procedures, you need to consult a professional teeth whitening dentist to determine the appropriate procedure. Depending up on the level of your teeth stains and color, your teeth whitening dentist will prescribe the most suitable procedure. There are basically two types of teeth whitening procedures; dental treatment procedures and home treatment procedures ranging from $300 to over $3000. However, in both the cases, you have to consult a dentist to help you choose the best teeth whitening procedure.
Dental Procedures
Teeth whitening dental procedures are either carried out in the clinic or you can do it yourself in the comfort of your home as per the direction and prescription of your whitening dentist.
  • In house procedure: A whitening dentist will prescribe different whitening agents such as a fitted tray that contains peroxide.  Your dentist will specify how long to wear this tray for effective results.

  • Clinical procedure: Laser teeth whitening treatment is a clinical procedure that has to be conducted in a dental clinic by a teeth whitening dentist. Your dentist will prescribe the number of sessions you will be required to attend to achieve positive results. Laser teeth whitening treatment is the most popular treatment and also very expensive, since it is the quickest way to achieve sparkling white teeth.

Cost of Teeth Whitening
The typical cost for teeth bleaching and teeth whitening is around $500 and may go over a $1000 for laser teeth whitening. To make sure you get the best value for your money.
Teeth whitening procedures are the most sought after treatment that patients and professionals choose to get a quick sparkle on their teeth. A professional teeth whitening dentist offers a variety of teeth whitening procedures that are carried out under medical supervision. Find out more about whitening dentist, teeth whitening methods and costs.