Dental Sedation

Important Facts about Sedation Dentistry

Sedation dentistryis a process that is used to create an easy, calm and relaxed state through the use of sedatives. There are many sedative drugs like depressants, nitrous oxide and anti anxiety medications that can be administered. Earlier sedatives were injected into the blood stream to sedate dental patients.  However, today sedation dentists have moved on beyond IVs and nitrous oxide. Sedation dentistry has become much more conducive and offers a very relaxing experience.


Why is sedation dentistry used?

Dentists use sedation dentistry to provide an anxiety free and relaxing experience to those who are receiving or undergoing dental treatment / procedure. In fact sedation dentistry enables those who are reluctant / hesitant / afraid to go to a dentist to receive dental care that they so badly require. Sedation dentists enable people to avoid what is called as dental phobia, a common apprehension that stops people from going to a dentist.

According to the Dental Organization for Conscious Sedation, a professionally managed dental organization, approximately 30% of the people avoid going to a dentist due to “fear”. Commonly known as dental phobia, this fear stops people from receiving dental care, thereby compromising on their oral and dental health. 


Oral sedation dentistry

Oral sedation dentistry is one of the most common techniques used to reduce dental phobia amongst patients. Most sedation dentists in the US and Canada use it as it is very simple and does not require the use of any needles. The best part is, the medications used in this technique creates a very comfortable and relaxed experience for patients who actually have very little or no recollection of the visit. Oral sedation dentistry ensures that a patient retains a certain level of consciousness for safety and cooperation. Though there are certain forms of sedation that may enable you to withstand pain, the fact is most dental procedures / treatments need local anesthesia to be injected in the mouth even when sedation dentistry techniques are used. 


Benefits of sedation dentistry

A major benefit of this kind of dentistry is that when a sedation dentist performs a dental procedure, most people feel that the process has lasted only for a few minutes while in reality, the process may have taken a few hours. In fact, sedation dentists performing complex dental procedures like extensive reconstruction / smile makeovers and other similar procedures ca be performed in lesser number of appointments than earlier. Next, a sedation dentist can make you feel comfortable during the treatment process so that you can achieve very good results.


Dental Phobia

Since sedation dentistry addresses the issue of dental phobia that stops them from receiving regular dental care, it is likely that more number of patients are less likely to neglect their oral / dental health or let the problems build to a stage where you may require emergency dental treatment. To learn more about sedation dentists,



Sedation dentistry is a process that establishes a relaxed and calm state by using different kinds of sedatives. Sedation dentists in the US and Canada often use different sedation dentistry techniques to get rid of dental phobia.