Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment – Patient information
Root canal treatment is one kind of endodontic treatment where teeth  threatened by infection and with a risk of cracking, is treated. The treatment is required due to decay of teeth pulp or other infection, which cannot be cleared with other procedures. The result of root canal treatment is a dead tooth.
What is root canal?
Root canal is the space within the root of the tooth. It is the space which contains the pulp of the tooth. It also consists of blood vessels and nerve. The blood vessels nourish the teeth and provide it with strength. The nerve is responsible for tooth sensations that you feel, including pain. The pulp makes up the dentin of the teeth and is also responsible for the color of the teeth. An infection in this area of teeth, caused by caries, requires immediate treatment in order to prevent further decay of teeth. In case  all the pulp material has found to be decayed, it is usually removed.
How is root canal treatment done?
Root canal treatment is done under local anesthesia. Since the procedure involves drilling a hole into the teeth, pain is inevitable and hence the requirement for anesthesia. Here is a brief of the process: 
  • The dentist will make the mouth numb with local anesthesia. The effect usually lasts till an hour of the procedure, which generally takes around half hour after the anesthesia has set in.
  • Root canal treatment then proceeds with the dentist drilling a hole into the teeth from the top or apex. The dentist cuts the nerves and blood vessels, and removes the infected pulp material. This is done to protect the tooth from further decay.
  • Once the material inside has been removed, the dentist proceeds to clean the area and fill it with an inert material.
  • The last stage of root canal treatment involves the dentist sealing the tooth and placing a crown on it. This is done in the second appointment. Therefore before this is done, a temporary filling is placed after the first appointment.
The treatment is usually completed in two visits. In the first visit, the dentist takes X rays to view the teeth and determine the amount of tooth decay. After this, the dentist then proceeds with the root canal treatment. The crown is usually fit on the second visit and ends the root canal treatment.
After root canal treatment
Post treatment your dentist will prescribe you pain killers for a couple of days. You will also be asked to come in for a follow up visit to determine if the crown has suited you well and you have no biting problems. In between the treatment or in between two appointments there may be some discomfort, for which the painkillers and salt water rinsing are suggested. A good dentist can assure you painless and effective treatment..
Root canal treatment involves removing tooth pulp material which has decayed. Root canal treatment is done in two visits. Post root canal treatment or in between root canal treatment some pain may be experienced, which is usually managed with mild painkillers.