Procera Veneers

Procera Veneers are the relatively new veneers from Nobel Biocare and they are actually called Procera laminate. They provide a brighter and whiter smile and they repair any issues of damaged and unsightly teeth like, chipped, crooked, cracked or even short teeth.
A dental veneer is a thin, all-ceramic shell that is custom-made to fit over discolored, damaged, gapped or chipped tooth. Procera Veneers have brilliant luminous properties and will result in having coverings that look just like natural teeth. These veneers are totally metal-free and guaranteed safe.
There have been many discussions on what is the better alternative, Procera Veneers or Empress Esthetic Veneers. The most commonly answer to questions like this is that it will all depend in the skills of the dentist that will do the procedure.
For some people the achievement of excellence in any veneer procedure is in the strength and the aesthetic look that the veneers can provide. When it comes to the strength that veneers can provide, the fact is that it will depend on the ability of the veneer to bond to the tooth.
In the end the decision for making the right choice will be based on a thorough research. Most times a trusted dentist can provide the right answer. Sometimes families and friends who have undergone either veneer procedures can provide the best advices and recommendations.
The thing here is to make sure that you will be deciding on your own. So, if in the end, you will not be happy with the result, you only have yourself to blame for the outcome.
The best for you to do is to get the most information on Procera veneers if you are re ally contemplating undergoing this type of dental treatment.
Procera Ñ–Ñ• a highly strong all-ceramic dental veneer restoration that can either be fabricated from ceramic or porcelain.
All-ceramic dental veneers means no metallic post and cores have been used. Instead of metallic materials, ceramic posts and cores will be sued. This is to avoid the appearance of the gray looking portion that usually occurs after the cementation. Will ceramic posts and cores the dazzling smile will really be all-white and bright without the ugly gray shadow.
To be sure that you are a possible candidate for Procera veneer treatment, it is recommended that you consult with your trusted dentist. You can also try browsing over the Internet and search for dental clinic near your locality. There are sites that will even allow you to compare costs of veneer treatments from different dentists.
The good thing about being able to compare prices is that you will also have the chance to compare the procedures and the skills of the dentists. This will help a lot in your decision making. If you finally choose Procera Veneer treatment then, you have to specify that in your comparison search.
Once you find the most affordable price, then you can start geeing your appointment. Be sure that you know all the necessary pre-treatment procedures that you need to do to prepare both you and your teeth for the schedule.