Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers are very thin shells made of composite materials having exceptional strength and ability to get fine finish and color. These are custom-made to suit the individual teeth and are permanently bonded on to teeth to give an attractive appearance.
Porcelain dental veneers offer attractive alternative to time-consuming orthodontics procedures to reshape the teeth and making them uniform and straight and look whiter as well. Porcelain veneers are shell shaped thin covers that are fixed permanently onto your teeth. It takes just two sittings to get perfectly fitting veneers that enhance your facial features by covering the discolored or malformed teeth.
There are different processes for making the porcelain veneers. Pressed veneers are created from the wax design, where a porcelain ingot is heated and forced into void formed by the wax sample. Refractory model veneers are made from a traditional veneering technique. The layering technique gives good aesthetic properties of shade and translucence. Platinum foil veneer has several advantages and limitations and is not employed commonly now. CAD CAM porcelain veneers are made with help of computer based program for both the design and fabrication of veneers.
Modern cosmetic dentistry procedures employ high technology in all the steps involved in making porcelain veneers that give highly satisfactory results. The procedure can be completed in just two sittings with the cosmetic dentist and the whole operation is done in very little time.
The porcelain veneers are fitted to cover the surface of the teeth and hence the teeth enamel is lightly removed before the operation to required depth. Then the size and the contour of the prepared tooth is taken captured on a 3D digital camera and with the help of CAD CAM technology the veneer is manufactured. The porcelain veneer thus manufactured in the laboratory can be given the exact finish and the color taking in to consideration the translucence and the reflective properties which gives highly attractive luminescent property to the veneer and the gives a great enhancement to the appearance of the person.
The porcelain veneer treatment is practically painless and can be finished in just two visits and offers highly satisfactory results.