Night Guard

What You Need To Know About A Night Guard
We all know that different emotions invoke different actions to express them. Similarly anger is characterized by the gnashing or grinding of teeth. Grinding of the teeth however, in certain cases can be the indicator of a health disorder as well.  
What Is Bruxism?
‘Bruxism’ is a common sleep disorder which is characterized b the ‘gnashing of teeth’ in other words, grinding of the teeth. It includes the clenching of your jaws as well. Bruxism affects many of us at some point of our lives and is not something that should cause us anxiety or sleepless nights. Regardless of it being a nocturnal or diurnal activity, most of the health issues related to it, occur on account of Bruxism while we are sleeping. It occurs even if we are taking just a short nap. 
A Mouth guard (also mouth-piece or mouth protector) is a removable device that can be placed in the mouth so that the gums, arches, lips and teeth are protected. This prevents and/or reduces injuries to them. In the treatment of Bruxism a modified mouth guard known as night guard is  used extensively. A mouth guard for grinding teeth is recommended by almost all dentists so as to protect your teeth.
Use Of A Night Guard To Treat Bruxism
Bruxism, due to the repeated grinding and subsequent pressure exerted on your teeth on account of this, damages the teeth. To avoid this, a night guard is placed between the lower and upper teeth. The night guard is a custom-fitted appliance made of plastic. It doesn’t help in treating the disorder but certainly helps to protect the teeth, as the grinding teeth damage the plastic and not each other.
Types Of Dental Night Guards
If you suffer from Bruxism you definitely need the right kind of mouth guard for grinding teeth. Dental night guards are available for almost all of us who suffer from it. These differ according to the material they comprise of. Most night guards are made from hard plastics so as to withstand the extreme pressure caused by the grinding teeth. The compounds in these plastics are similar to the ones used in Invisalign or several other appliances that require a high degree of durability.
A night guard is available in the bottom as well as top row formats. You might prefer, as many do, the top row formats as they interfere less with the mouth while breathing and sleeping. Your dentist will however recommend you to use the bottom row night guard for grinding teeth if your mouth structure is more suitable to the bottom row night guards or if you have a certain dental condition that warrants it. 
If you are suffering from Bruxism and as a result of it damaged teeth, visit today. You are sure to find the right dentist who will clear the doubts you have about finding the right mouth guard for grinding teeth.
A night guard is used to prevent damage to your teeth due to Bruxism. Dentists will prescribe a mouth guard for grinding teeth to protect your teeth from harm. A night guard is made from hard plastics. You can take the advice of your dentist to find the best mouth guard for grinding teeth for you, depending on the structure of your mouth and dental condition.