LUMINEERS® offer wonderful means of changing the lives of people who are embarrassed by their unattractive smile due diseased, discolored or misshaped teeth. Not only the adoption of LUMINEERS® help them to overcome the embarrassing condition while smiling, but lets them experience the joy of achieving attraction in  all their interaction with people. Testimonials of thousands of people who adopted LUMINEERS® speak of not just covering the defects but considering it a life changing event!
Besides, the process of getting LUMINEERS® veneers is a painless procedure. The procedure will bestow you, the teeth with permanent white color and the whole procedure is easy and quickly accomplished.
See it for yourself!
If you still doubt, how your unattractive smile can be made to turn a radiant smile, LUMINEERS® offers a simple procedure made available to you by LUMINEERS dentists. In just half an hour session with LUMISmile artist virtually applies the LUMINEERS® to your teeth and you can see the transformation the veneers can do your smile. You will have the photo of your future personality in half an hour and be convinced about the perfect smile you can get when you go for the real LUMINEERS® product. There is no better way to get convinced about the value of your smile than undergoing session of LUMISmile.
You may still wish to explore whether LUMINEERS® are right for you. You can consult your LUMINEERS® dentist or you can visit the interactive questionnaire to understand whether your requirements can be satisfied by LUMINEERS®. You can check similar examples of chipped teeth, spaced teeth, crooked teeth, discolored teeth or those who were done with other dental works. You can realize the other details of the process and choose. The interactive site also helps you to locate a LUMINEERS® dentist near to your location.
Process of getting LUMINEERS®
The process of getting LUMINEERS® is very simple. It involves your first visit to dentist who will take the images and create a precise mold. Dentist will decide about the exact shade of the white that suits you most, with your consultation and approval. This mold is sent to LUMINEERS® Smile Design Studio for creating your unique LUMINEERS. Dentist examines the finished product for perfect finish and fit. These flawless creations are applied to your teeth on the next visit in a painless and process that does not require any drilling or shots.
Using LUMINEERS® does not put you on any restriction on enjoying your favorite food as they are fitted in a permanent and durable way. But you must still practice the general oral hygiene required for maintenance of dental health. You must visit your dentist once in every six months for check up and cleaning to keep the LUMINEERS, teeth and gums in healthy conditions.
One more advantage of LUMINEERS is that they can be removed later without harming your natural teeth. LUMINEERS® have helped people to improve their smiles for more than 20 years and more than 250000 people have been blessed with radiant smiles and lives made possible by LUMINEERS®.