Full Mouth Crowning

Full Mouth Reconstruction
Full mouth reconstruction is a dental procedure that requires the use of many dental restoration procedures. This type of restoration process is used to correct the relationship between gums, bones, muscles and of course the teeth.
Full mouth reconstruction is the type of dental restoration that is needed when there is severe dental problem in the mouth of the patient. The mouth of course is a very complicated body part. It is needed for food consumption that is why it is a necessity to have a proper bite, because without it, there will be impaired chewing and the teeth can easily be worn out. There will also be sore jaw and neck that may eventually develop into a migraine.
Dental bonding, porcelain or composite veneers, porcelain crowns, dental implants, and teeth whitening are all possible procedures that can be used in a full mouth reconstruction. With a good combination of these restoration methods, the result will be a perfect smile.
A full mouth reconstruction is needed if your teeth are damaged severely. The common causes of this problem are crowded teeth, old teeth, and poor oral hygiene. Teeth that are not properly aligned there could be big destructive forces that will attack the teeth. With misaligned teeth, whenever the jaw closes, the damage grows and the teeth could break or there might be pain the jaw, neck and the head. 
In most cases, full mouth reconstruction is really needed not just to prevent further breakage or decay, but also for aesthetic results. There are just some cases wherein only a full moth reconstruction can help a person achieve that perfect smile that we all have been wishing for.
When a person has some dental issues, the most common thing that he does is to hide his mouth. Most times even talking is difficult especially if the damage to the mouth is quite noticeable. This is where full mouth reconstruction comes in. With a full mouth reconstruction, the whole will be remodeled to come up with a more beautiful smile, more comfortable bite and less tension in the neck and the jaw.
If you have worn, broken, decayed or missing teeth, or if you are suffering from a bad bite and if the appearance of your entire smile is simply keeping you down, then you should consider having a full mouth reconstruction. 
Bring your confident back; get back to enjoying eating all the food that you used to love to eat. The first that you need to do is to consult a dentist. Your dentist will discuss with you the options that are open. Every possible method will be explained to you as well as the general diagnosis on your condition.
In most cases, you will be given some choices. But it best if you can also discuss with your doctor about the budget you have for the procedure. Most of the possible procedures are not that expensive anyway, and the facts that you will be having a full treatment should make the cost a little lower than if you are having them done individually.