E.Max Veneers

E.Max or IPS Empress veneers is an all-ceramic veneer system that provides an exceptional aesthetics look that also strengthens teeth.
IPS veneer is an ideal and proven ceramic alternative to other restoration options. This procedure provides patients the satisfaction of having good looking teeth with the most natural way of restoration that can be achieved with the exclusive use of strong ceramic materials.
The use of bonded ceramic materials for restorative purposes in intended to reinstate function, shape, proportion, color, brightness and strength of the natural teeth.
It is possible to fabricate individual tooth color restoration that can be reproduced in the exact contour and color of the natural tooth. This will effectively result in a unique fabricated restoration that provides perfect fit and all the natural characteristics of the natural tooth. Optimum aesthetic results can be achieved even when operating in limited spaces.
The Empress system that offers IPS veneers provide one of the strongest and most reliable all-ceramic restorations that any patient can avail today. There will be a use of a specially prepared investment wherein the wax model will be invested in. The system will then use a furnace for pressing the restoration in leutice reinforced ceramic porcelain. Once removed, the restoration will be finished for the achievement of the best aesthetic and anatomical requirements with the use of staining and layering processes.
There will be no metallic post or core to be used, which is very normal for all-ceramic systems. Use of metallic components will result in the appearance of the shadow effect or the gray looking substructure that usually appear after cementation. To prevent the use of metallic materials, posts and cores are fabricated in ceramic metal and ceramic opaque fired to it. This two-step procedure in IPS veneers provides the best possible results.
Principle of IPS Veneer System
The principle for the use of IPS veneers is in creating the best procedure that will result in the most natural looking restorations. One of the newest additions to the process is the developed idea of molding heated ceramic that will result in the most precise ceramic reproduction of the wax models.
Method for IPS Veneer System
The restoration done with IPS Empress System is the ensuring that all the functional specifications are modeled in wax. After the achievement of invested and burned out wax model, heated and softened ceramic will be pressed in the mould.
The IPS Veneers Process
The initial step done in the smile makeover process with the use of IPS Empress porcelain veneers is for the dentist to slightly trim down the size of the teeth that require treatment by  smoothly shaving them down.  Because IPS Empress Veneers are fabricated from ultra-thin porcelain, only the least of the tooth surface requires to be reduced, this is in contrast with other veneer procedures that may require for further tooth reduction. The dentist will then create a mold of the mouth, which will be subsequently sent to the dental laboratory and will be used to construct customized veneers.  The patient will then return to the dental clinic to have the veneers bonded into place. The patient will then be assured of leaving the clinic with a dazzling hew smile on the face.