Dental surgery

Dental Surgery to Correct Dental Problems
Dental surgery encompasses many medical dental procedures; right from the artificial modification of dentition to surgery of the jaw bones and teeth. The following are some of the most common dental surgeries:
1)Dental Surgery for Implantology:
implant dentist surgeon deals with setting of dental implants and mini implant. Implants made of titanium are surgically placed in the mandible bone which is then allowed four to six months to heal. An artificial bone is then fixed onto it with the help of screws or dental cement. Dental bridges are fixed prosthesis where two or more artificial caps, known as crowns are connected and placed together in order to replace a lost tooth through a bridge.
Prosthodontics also deals with dental surgery that is done to fix dentures. Another complicated dental surgery is that of the implant supported prosthesis where, using a combination of implants and dentures, a base is placed into the dental bone, given time to heal and with the help of metal appliances fixed to the tooth’s gingival surface. The dentures are then fixed with dental cement.
2)Endodontic surgery: 
These surgeries mostly relate to the treatment involving the pulp/root of the teeth. The most common of all Endodontic surgery involves root canal treatment. There are two procedures involved here.
The first is the ‘Pulpotomy’ where the pulp chamber is opened in order to allow the infection to drain. The second procedure is the ‘Pulpectomy’ where the infected pulp is removed from the pulp chamber.
The next dental surgery under this category is the ‘Apicoectomy’ which is a root end resection surgery. If the root canal surgery is not enough to alleviate the pain, the apex which is the end of the tooth will be removed. This is done by extracting the infected material by gaining entrance from the gingiva or the gums.
3) Dental SurgeryIn Orthodontic Treatments:
In this branch of dental surgery, implants and implant supported prostheses are attached to the teeth. Another surgery in this category is the ‘Apiectomy’ where the tooth’s underlying bone structure needs to be modified or removed. Extraction of a diseased or infected tooth is done by either pulling it out or cutting it out. Local or general anesthesia is used as per the circumstances. Fiberotomy is also a dental surgery done to sever fibers around teeth, thus preventing their relapse.
4) Periodontics Surgery:
A periodontist specializes in the study of the structure of the tooth, its diseases and the conditions that have an effect on them. All dental surgeries involved in the branch of ‘Periodontics’ is classified in this group...
Dental surgerydoes not refer to just one, single procedure. Dental surgery involves all kinds of oral surgeries such as root canal treatment, tooth extractions etc. Dental surgery is performed by dentists as well as Periodontists. If you need more information on dental surgery all you need to do is consult a doctor.