Dental Scaling

Dental cleaning and scaling – Why are they important?
Dental cleaning is required to keep the teeth free of plaque and calcium deposits, in order to reduce the onset of conditions like gum diseases. Dental cleaning is also done as the first line of treatment in the case of gum related diseases. There are many ways in which it is done. Some methods are suggested by dentists to be done at home while others are carried out at the clinic. Those that are done at the clinic are usually carried out for cleaning hard plaque. Dental scaling is one of the methods done in the clinics.

Procedures of dental cleaning
Scaling – Dental scaling is done to remove the hardest of the plaques. It is done using a scaling instrument. These days the scaling instruments are ultrasound enabled. These instruments usually are used to clean the crown and root surface. Scaling is used to clean tartar. These are hardened plaques which cannot be easily removed by brushing. This is the first thing that is done for patients with periodontal disease. Dental scaling is also done for those without any gum disease to clean the teeth. Your dentist may suggest scaling just to prevent the onset of gum disease. Scaling is often followed by polishing if you do not have any gum disease, to give your teeth a shine.


How is professional dental cleaning done?

The dentist will examine your teeth and determine the level of cleaning required. If there is a requirement for dental cleaning, your dentist will proceed with the procedure. The other steps that follow include: 

  • Polishing is done to make the crown shiny. Either the teeth or artificial crown are polished.
  • Fluoride is applied on the teeth to make it stronger because the acid excretion from tartar or plaque can affect teeth. Fluoride has several flavors but your dentist will caution you not to ingest it as it can cause stomach ache.

Is cleaning painful?
Dental cleaning is not painful. It does not require any anesthesia. However cleaning hard plaques, as in the case of periodontal disease, requires some form of numbing since it can be painful. However in most cases the sensation with ultrasound is pleasant and it does not take long to finish cleaning. The fluoride step is most the pleasant step during dental cleaning. database to find an extensive listing of dentists who can help you with dental cleaning.

Dental cleaning and dental scaling can make the teeth clean. It is done to remove the plaques and give the teeth a smoother feel. Dental cleaning is essential for treatment of gum disease. Techniques dental scaling does not cause any pain.