Dental Crown

Dental crowns is a cap used to restore the shape of a tooth or to protect  the tooth to be collapsed after has been drilled A tooth crown is similar to the top of the tooth and aims to provide the same functionality the natural crown does. They are usually part of procedures that can alter the shape of the tooth. They are placed around the tooth, like a protective case. A dental crown is fabricated in a laboratory as against a filling, which is done in the mouth.
Dental crown vs filling – Which one to choose
The purpose of dental crown and filling are different. Your dentist will suggest you what you require depending on the state of the tooth. If the hole or opening in the tooth is too large and a filling is not an option, usually a dental crown is suggested. Crowns are stronger than filling because they are made in laboratory with proper material treatment process. Unlike a filling, which is made in the mouth, a crown has specific design dimensions and usually is a better fit than a filling. Fillings are temporary and do not have the life of a crown. However they can be used in all cases while a crown cannot. Hence the requirement will determine the type of covering.
Materials used
Usually porcelain and gold are two materials that are used for making crowns. Gold crowns are generally preferred for aesthetic reasons. Gold tooth crowns are the most expensive of the lot. They also last longer than a porcelain crown on average. A crown will at least last for 10 years and if proper care is taken, it can last longer. Porcelain or porcelain fused-to-metal crowns have tooth like appearance and the most common type of crowns. These tooth crowns also have patterns on the surface similar to the tooth surface they replace. These crowns are color matched to those of the adjacent teeth. There are many methods of fabricating crowns, which depends on the type of crown being fabricated.
How are crowns installed?
Dental crown installation is the last step in the process of a dental treatment. The impressions of the tooth surface are taken for the preparation of the crown.
During the last visit of the crown, the dentist will place the crown around the tooth and bond it with dental cement. You will be then asked to test how the new surface feels. Often very little adjustments are required because the fabricating processes today are very accurate.
The dentist may polish the crown if required.
If you want long lasting tooth crowns fabricated precisely to improve the function and look of your teeth, you should approach a good dentist.
Dental Crown ais used to cover and protect  tooth susceptible to collapse. Dental crown can be made of gold or porcelain. The life of a dental crown is at least 10 years. Tooth crowns provide the same strength and biting pressure of a real tooth.