Veneers Information

Teeth are most important elements contributing to the desirable appearance and impressive personality. Dental veneers are custom made shells of materials used to cover the teeth to give the teeth an attractive appearance. Few individuals are blessed with natural teeth that are perfect in color and shape. Even then, due to many reasons teeth get discolored or worn down or broken rendering the teeth and the face unattractive and in many cases ugly. This makes a negative impact on the personality by making the individual conscious about it and thereby affecting the confidence level in interacting with others. Veneers are made out of porcelain or resin composite materials.

What are problems that dental veneers can fix up?

They are used in cases of discolored teeth caused by decay or diseases. Root canal treatment also renders the teeth discolored.  Excessive fluoride in the water consumed over long period and certain drugs are also responsible for the teeth discoloration. The worn down, broken or chipped teeth can be well covered by dental veneers. Many people will have gaps between the teeth over length of time and this can be rectified by properly sized dental veneers. The misaligned teeth or irregularly shaped teeth can be set right with the help of these veneers.

Dental crowns
Dental crowns are also used for the same purpose as that of dental veneers but there are some important differences between the two. The crowns are used to encase the whole teeth whereas the veneers are used only to cover the front side. The crowns are much thicker than the veneers as they will support the tooth in the function of chewing while veneers are just a cover to make the teeth and the smile attractive.