Dental Hygiene

The Ways To Attain Good Dental Hygiene
We all would like to have a set of pearly white teeth, wouldn’t we? However, when it comes to maintaining good dental hygiene very few of us really make the effort.
Proper brushing 
Good Oral hygiene is a very simple thing to achieve if we maintain good dental habits. Many of us complain that in spite of brushing twice a day we still have dental problems. This may be so because we don’t brush the right way. For great dental hygiene keep the following brushing tips in mind.
  • First and foremost choose a brush that has soft bristles as hard bristles damage your tooth’s enamel. 
  • Start brushing by placing the brush at a forty-five degree angle at the gums.
  • Gently move the brush in short strokes that are about the width of your tooth, and brush back and forth.
  • Brush all the surfaces clean. This includes the inner, outer and chewing surfaces.
  • Using the tip of your toothbrush, clean the insides of your front teeth. Maintain an up-down motion while doing this.
  • Finish your brushing with a good rub down of your tongue with your brush. This will remove the bacteria and also refresh your breath.
  • Good dental hygiene is of paramount importance if you want to have great teeth and the next step that will take you closer to it is flossing.
Dental Floss
Hygienists and dentists recommend daily flossing in order to maintain good oral hygiene. Although most Americans brush their teeth, studies show that only about ten to forty percent floss on a daily basis. The right way to go about flossing is to find the right floss according to your teeth’s requirement. A length of floss is guided around the tooth and under the gum line to remove food particles stuck there. This process also rids you of plaque. The floss' length is then adjusted to get a new section between your fingers and the next tooth is started on. This is repeated till all the teeth are covered.
Initially flossing may seem very cumbersome and time consuming. With patience, practice and perseverance, you will soon get the hang of it and will well be on the way to achieving great dental hygiene.
Oral Rinses For Maintaining Oral Hygiene:
The use of an anti-bacterial mouth rinse will reduce plaque and bacterial activity which are the main contributors to gum disease. Although fluoride oral rinses help in the prevention of tooth decay, not everyone can use them. Always seek your dentist’s advice to find out which mouth rinse is the best for you so that you can maintain good oral hygiene.
We can all have good oral hygiene by practicing simple dental habits. Brushing when accompanied by daily flossing contributes greatly to good dental hygiene. Finishing your brushing and flushing routine with a good mouth rinse will go a long way in maintaining your dental hygiene. A good dentist will be able to guide you on how to attain good oral hygiene.