Cosmetic Fillings

The science of dentistry, not only helps to treat various dental diseases, it also helps people to overcome abnormalities affecting the looks due to defects in their teeth. Many of these defects may be congenital or caused by variety of dental problems and diseases as well as result of trauma where teeth may be chipped, broken or missing. Cosmetic dentistry deals with all such problems related to teeth and helps to restore or even enhance the aesthetics of a face with help of modern technology.
Common cosmetic dentistry tasks that are undertaken to improve the esthetics of facial features are whitening, reshaping the teeth by altering the size of teeth, bonding to reshape the teeth, provision of dental bridges, porcelain veneers and gum lifts that changes the gum profile.
Dental fillings
Dental fillings were earlier made with gold and other metals. But nowadays, using porcelain and other composite materials it is possible to prepare fillings which have the same natural appearance of teeth. These are bonded onto the tooth structure permanently with resin bonding. These are totally free of mercury content unlike amalgams used earlier.
Composite Resin Fillings             
There are made of plastic dental resin and are durable and strong and provide the user with very natural looking attractive smile. Their use is covered by many dental insurance plans. People having cavity in tooth, mercury filling, broken fillings this type of filling can be opted for better results in order to get enhanced looks. These fillings also result in providing higher strength for the tooth compared to existing amalgam fillings.
Technique of using Composite Resin Fillings
With the help of local anesthetics the mouth area is numbed before the operation. The decayed portion of the teeth is removed with micro air abrasion, traditional drills or with dental lasers. The dentist preserves the natural tooth so that the composite resin can be bonded to it in thin layers. If the tooth’s decayed region is very near to a nerve, then a special liner is employed for the protection of the nerve.
With the help of a special material, the pores of the tooth’s dentin are opened up and the surface of the enamel exposed is roughened up to achieve a strong bond. The bonding resin is applied to enable to stick the composite to the tooth. Though the material and bond resin are made of the same material the latter is in fluid form.
When it is fixed in the correct position, a strong beam of light is made to fall on the region which immediately settles and hardens the bonding resin. The composite fillings are applied in thin layers and they are made to form complete filling to restore the tooth. Each one of the layers is hardened by beaming bright light every time.
After the completion of filling, the dentist will adjust the height of the tooth with a special paper called articulating paper. Then the tooth is polished. In case the tooth enamel is very thin or tooth had a root canal, then the strength of the filling can be enhanced by dental crowns.
Dental fillings offer better solution for protection of teeth from the defects and also help in improving the appearance.