Chipped Teeth

What Are Chipped Teeth And How They Can Be Treated?
Chipped teeth can occur due to various reasons such as brittle teeth caused due to non-vital pulp or root canal treatment, cavities, weak enamel and trauma. Sometimes if there is a fracture in the tooth, the line may continue to increase within the chipped tooth, posing a greater risk of extending the damage further. Fixing chipped teeth depends upon the extent of damage done to the problem tooth. The treatment may range from a simple filling to cosmetic corrections.
How Do You Define A Chipped Tooth?
If you have superficial cracks in your teeth, then you tend to have chipped teeth. Having a partial structure of the tooth also means you have a chipped tooth. Accidents, injury during play and simple collisions against hard objects can also cause chipped teeth. Fillings and crowns that wear out lead to chipping of teeth and will require immediate restoration. Although chipped teeth in the early stages do not cause pain, they can lead to various problems if it is not treated immediately. Routine checkups are the only solution for preventing chipped teeth.
What Is The Treatment For Chipped Teeth?
There are various types of treatments for chipped teeth. Only a dentist will be able to determine the problem before fixing chipped teeth. The dentist will first examine your problem and assess the reason for chipped teeth. Before starting the treatment for fixing chipped teeth, your dentist may also suggest x-rays to confirm the diagnosis and rule out any other problems related to chipped teeth. Some of the treatments available for chipped teeth are
  • Simple filling and filing: if the damage is simple and not very serious
  • Bonding: with porcelain or composite veneers is also a common form of treatment used to correct chipped teeth.
  • Crowns: are used on teeth that are excessively chipped or seriously damaged. A crown is a cap that is used to cover the chipped tooth and protect it from further damage.
  • Extraction: When the tooth is damaged beyond repair then it has to be extracted and replaced with an artificial tooth.
Advantages of Chipped Teeth Treatments:
By fixing chipped teeth, you will of course be preventing further damage to your teeth. In addition, your dentist will also make sure that the rest of your natural teeth are intact. If necessary he/she may carry out simple cleaning procedures to keep other problems in check. The advantages of fixing chipped teeth with composite veneers, is that it requires less grinding and a natural look can be achieved instantly. To find a dentist who is an expert in fixing chipped teeth browser with our dentists database.
Chipped Teeth Summary
Chipped teethare quite common dental problems that vary from slight chipping to extensive damage. Several treatments are available for fixing chipped teeth. If left untreated, chipped teeth can pose several risks related to dental health. Seek expert advice for fixing chipped teeth.