Cerec Veneers

Cerec Veneers – One Session
Cerec machines have transformed dental veneers technology to the highest level. These machines enable dentist to create and place perfect veneers in one short session. A patient can be in the dentist clinic during lunch break and be back at work on time.
Many people, however, are not completely aware of this changing technology that is having a big impact in the field of dentistry and in new and exciting ways. There are now cutting-edge innovations in dental instruments that require spending less time in the dental chair, which usually causes discomfort. These innovations actually create satisfying results. The Cerec machine is one of the most used innovations. This machine is being used by dentists because it allows them to quickly restore damaged teeth with natural-coloured ceramic fillings, this will help patients save time and inconvenience.
The short span of time is very possible because there will be no need to create a mould. The teeth will be prepared prior the manufacture of the veneers. Instead of using moulds, the prepared teeth will be scanned and then a block or piece of porcelain that has been colored matching the color of the teeth will be placed in the Cerec machine. The machine works with the use of small drills that effectively grind way the porcelain block to get the specified size on the scan. This will result in the production of Cerec veneers that will perfectly fit the teeth.
The latest Cerec machines can actually create a veneer in just 6 minutes. The newest Cerec machines can make a veneer in as little as 6 minutes. The dentist will then be able to place the veneers with the normal procedure. Only one session is required and there is no need for placement of temporary veneers or dental crowns while the patient waits for the veneers to be manufactured. The entire process can be done and completed in less than an hour. This fast and effective veneer treatment procedure also eliminates the need for a dental technician that normally manufactures veneers in a dental laboratory.
The best advantage in using Cerec veneers is that it can be created and placed in one session that can only last in less than an hour.
The disadvantage though of a Cerec machine is that there is too much pressure on the dentist. The problem usually starts with the sensitive mixing of the right shade for the porcelain, which can be a lot more difficult to do with the use of a machine. And since this a relatively new procedure, most dentists are less familiar with it, making them feel a little incompetent than when they are doing the standard veneer placement procedures.
Another disadvantage of having Cerec machine made veneers is that a patient may have to pay more. This is because it is a more difficult procedure and of course it only requires one session. And patients will naturally expect good results in the single session. A dentist also needs to be highly skilled, therefore highly paid too.