Bruxism – Causes and Treatment
The habit of clenching or grinding our teeth at night may have occurred at some point in most of our lives. This is usually a transitional phase and eventually we overcome it. In some of us, however, it lingers for an inordinate amount of time. This is when you may need to seek medical intervention.
Bruxism– Meaning
Bruxism is a medical condition when we clench our teeth or grind them together either during our sleep or even during our waking hours. Although not a serious health disorder, it can cause other health complications such as TMJ disorder.
Bruxism Causes
Since its characterization, Bruxism causes have been thoroughly studied over the past several years. The inference drawn through these studies is that Bruxism is caused as a direct result of the stress in our lives. If you are unable to relax and sleep well at night you are a likely candidate for this disorder. Other Bruxism causes, if any have not been clearly researched as yet.
The following are some of the common symptoms to indicate you may suffer from Bruxism:
  • Constant depression.
  • Inability to relax and experiencing a continuous state of anxiety.
  • Headaches accompanied by earaches.
  • Insomnia or sleeplessness.
  • Eating disorders.
  • A sore jaw.
Ways Of Acquiring Symptomatic Relief
You can acquire relief from your Bruxismsymptoms by treating each symptom differently.  The best way to do this is by first trying to get adequate sleep. This will not only help you with your depression but help you relax thus bringing down your stress levels. To soothe your aching jaws, you can use an ice-pack or any other cold-compress. Hard foods such as nuts, candies etc are best avoided. Practice facial relaxation exercises to relax you jaw muscles.
Bruxism unlike Bruxism causesis not a serious health disorder and mild or initial stages can be treated at home with the help of home remedies. The above mentioned remedies for pain relief will go a long way in making you feel better.
Treatment of Bruxism
In case you do need to go to the doctor for your Bruxism, your treatment will include relaxation and meditation techniques to a large extent. To protect your teeth from damage you may be prescribed mouth guards. A Splint will also help you from getting TMJ disorder.
In some cases, an orthodontic treatment to correct your bite will help. Day clenching and grinding of the teeth can be easily controlled as compared to night. You will be taught Yoga and meditation techniques as a part of Bruxism treatment therapy. In case you don’t feel any better even with all of these your doctor will advise surgery; but only as the last option.
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Stress is one of the primary Bruxism causes. Other Bruxism causesare anxiety and the inability to relax.  Bruxismtreatment includes home remedies as well as professional therapies. Bruxism can result in TMJ disorder.