Zirconium Veneer Debonding

There is a controversy with respect to manufacturing veneers from zircon due to the fact that Zircon has been linked to veneers debonding. Zirconium veneers is sintered under 1500c in the furnace. Therefore, it cannot be neither etched by any acid nor sanded. But this is not an absolute fact as many zirconium veneers registered […]

Occlusal Problems Lead to Veneer Debonding

This is a very important factor causing veneer debonding and needs experience to be diagnosed. The most observed debonding has been related to occlusion: Severe contact: There should be no full nor slight palatal contact as this problem is commonly known to cause detachment of the veneers. Posterior teeth: Premolars receive high vertical stress especially on mandible. Uni-lateral mastication: Veneer […]

Lab manufacturing problems may lead to Debonding

The manufacturing problems are a long discussion, but in brief, any problem with margins will affect retention and resin cementation. Some primary problems that may happen in the veneers: Open margin to over-pass under-cut: This is not the mistake of the lab but a problem with preparation. Open margin will increase the thickness resin layer. The difference […]

Procedures Lead to Veneer Debonding

These Procedures divided to three steps: Preparation and impression steps: there will be further specific newsletters about preparation and best practices. However, in the meantime, the importance of this section is to explain precise procedures. Precision in procedures will create minimal space between the veneer and tooth (area for cement resin place). Any problems in […]

Veneer Thickness & Size May lead to Debonding

Sometimes dental technicians need to increase thickness for esthetic purposes (to organize alignment of anterior teeth). In this case, bonds will load and retain heavy porcelain mass that may be debonded due to stress arising from frequent mastication of patient. On other hand, some patients have gingival recession and dentist prepare cementum with enamel to […]

Veneer Debonding Lead by Bond Probelms

This problem is the most common reason for veneers debonding. The bond is always the king of any veneers cementation process since all veneer mass is loaded directly by the resin’s bond. The following are the leading factors for the debonding of veneers: Thickness of bond layer: less thickness in bonding layer provides more resistance […]