Laminate veneers that need no preparation

Laminate veneers are composed of thin layers of dental ceramic material. A major part of the preparation for this process involves removing a small amount of enamel to allow room for its replacement by the veneer.

Recently, many dentists have been using a no-prep or prep-less approach, majorly to leave the tooth as a whole, and to eliminate the possibility that the process will damage the gum tissue. The custom-designed porcelain is bonded directly on the tooth and is smoothly feathered over, just short of the gum line.

This method works well for small alterations like filling minor spaces between the teeth, extending the length, or making small and disproportionate teeth bigger. And it is the best choice for those patients who prefer not to make the changes permanent, keeping the option of reversal open. However, this cannot work in cases like damaged or lost enamel, relatively large teeth in a forward position, poor facial profile or poor bite.

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