Abscessed Tooth

Abscess Tooth – Causes And Cures
Abscess tooth is a serious dental condition, when a bacterial infection centered in the tooth causes the infected material viz. pus to collect and form an abscess.
Reasons For The Occurrence Of A Dental Abscess:
Dental Abscess also known as Tooth abscess occurs as a direct result of trauma which the tooth may have incurred due to breaking or chipping of the tooth. Tooth decay complications also result in an abscessed tooth. The tiny openings in the enamel of our teeth give way to bacteria to enter and cause an infection in the pulp of our tooth. The infection thus spreads from the pulp or root, to the supporting bones.
As a result, pus which is a collection of live and dead bacteria, dead tissue and white blood cells, accumulate and result in a swelling in the tooth. This results in an extremely painful toothache. Incidentally, the toothache stops if the pulp dies; unless an abscess tooth develops. This happens when the infection continues to be active and spreads and destroys the surrounding tissues.
Symptoms And Signs
The following are some of the symptoms and signs of an Abscessed tooth:
Pain and swelling of the gums and mouth and in severe cases even the face.
In case of an infection that has spread you may even have fever, nausea and vomiting
  • Pain when chewing
  • Teeth sensitivity
  • A bad taste in the mouth accompanied by foul breath is a sure sign of a dental abscess.
  • Swelling in the upper and lower jaw areas which is considered to be  very serious stage of the infection
  • Signs include pain every time the dentist taps your tooth and a thick foul tasting drainage from your gums even as they appear red and swollen.

Complications Arising From An Abscessed Tooth

The following are the complications arising from an untreated abscessed tooth:
  • If untreated, the infection can spread to other parts of your body including the brain due to the formation of a brain abscess.
  • Sepsis
  • Spread of infection to the jaw bone and facial tissues.
  • Endocarditis (an inflammation of your heart valves and heart chambers lining) and pneumonia.
  • Mediastinitis, a condition where irritation and swelling occurs in the area between the lungs that contains the heart, trachea, large blood vessels, trachea, esophagus etc.


The treatment of abscess toothis done in three stages namely controlling and curing the infection, saving the tooth and preventing any complications.
  • Controlling and curing the infection is done by prescribing antibiotics. You will be advised to take salt-and warm water gargles and given pain relievers to provide relief from the fever and toothache.
  • You may be advised a root canal treatment to save your tooth.
  • In order to avoid complications you may have to have a tooth extraction or a dental surgery so that the abscess may be drained. In an extremely advanced scenario, hospital admittance may become unavoidable.
Abscess toothis a result of an infection caused in the centre of the tooth. An upper or lower jaw swelling is a very serious symptom of an abscessed tooth. An untreated dental abscesscan result in severe health complications. Although a serious problem dental abscesscan be easily treated with timely intervention.
The treatment on an infected tooth depends on the extent and level of the infection. Antibiotics are futile here and the best remedy is a root canal treatment. Your dentist will take an oral x-ray and take a sample of your infected tooth’s pus for testing. The treatment will then be determined on the basis of the test’s results as it will show the extent of the tooth decay.