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Veneers vs Bleaching

Stained teeth can be treated with bleaching or can be concealed with veneer placement. In some cases, selecting between teeth bleaching and dental veneers is a matter of the cost of the treatment. It is best to compare the benefits of both methods in order to properly evaluate which one is the best suited for certain dental conditions.




It is a temporary solution to stained teeth.

Can offer more lasting solutions to stained teeth.

The results achieved from bleaching can be much less consistent and unpredictable; some patients are said to experience having blotchy teeth and uneven disparities of whiteness from tooth to tooth.

Dental veneers can virtually guarantee to provide a perfect dazzling smile.

It normally has no effect on dental work, such as porcelain crowns and bridges, which may cause the smile to appear unnatural and uneven.

Veneers can be fabricated and colored to perfectly fit not just the treated teeth but also the rest of the natural teeth.

It can cost just a few hundred dollars, making it the more affordable choice.

Veneers can cost about many times more than what bleaching does.

Excessive bleaching can cause damage to the gums and mouth if not properly done. And since there are no regulations on bleaching agents, it is quite easy to misuse the product and get bad side effects.

Since veneers can provide a long lasting solution, there is practically no need for any replacements or re-treatment procedures.

Conveniently, teeth bleaching can be done in the comfort of the patient’s own home, and may only require just a couple of visits to the dentist for the fitting of the bleaching trays.

Dental veneers may require more time in the dental chair because there will be tooth preparations and moldings to be done and this could prove to be more uncomfortable.

There will be inconsistent results from bleaching    especially if the patient is suffering from receding gums; the shades of whiteness will vary significantly from the top to the bottom of each tooth.

  The result is very consistent because the material will be match to the natural color of the natural teeth. Although in some cases, there are patients who bleach their teeth first before getting veneers for a more dazzling white smile results.


It is best if the patient can have a thorough discussion on the benefits of bleaching and veneer placement before choosing which method to use in getting that perfectly white smile. In some cases, when patients choose to get veneers, they are also advised to get their teeth bleached first. This is to ensure better matching of the natural teeth and the veneer material.

The most common factor that always goes in favor of bleaching is its affordable cost compared to veneer placement costs. But for those who want a more permanent solution to their stained teeth, they go for veneers.

But, of course, the best solution really is to whiten the teeth first through bleaching before veneer installation.

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