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The latest trend in the world today is getting a dazzling smile on your face. What was not in the common man and woman’s domain earlier has become easily available. This has made it easy for even ordinary people improve their overall appearance by opting for teeth whitening or cosmetic dentist veneers.  


What is the need for Veneers?


Cosmetic veneers are easy, convenient and very versatile. These veneers protect the frontal surface and also biting part of your tooth so that you have a brighter and straighter smile. Earlier, this cosmetic dentistry procedure involved a complicated process that required you to visit the dentist multiple times and spend hours together in a dentist chair. However, today the process is quite simple and quick.  

If you are planning to find veneers dentist , it involves three steps. Namely: Identifying a reliable and suitable cosmetic dentist, choosing the right dentist veneers and understand the procedure to fix the veneers.


Finding a reliable cosmetic dentist

There are many dentists who specialize in cosmetic dentistry. However, it is always better to look for someone who has the required skills and experience to take care of your needs. Before you opt for a cosmetic dentistry specialist, a little background check is ideal. A well qualified and experienced cosmetic dentist would have completed his academic as well as his specialization course from reputed institutions like the American Academy of cosmetic dentistry.

Choosing the right dentist veneers


Quite often, people do not even think twice about the veneers their dentist provides them with. They do not worry about it all. However, they should since there are multiple brands of dentist veneers available in the market. These veneers vary in resistance to stains, quality, strength and durability. It is important that you pay proper attention to what your dentist advises since minor differences can have a very big impact on the end result. During the past couple of decades there have been significant developments in the design and quality of dentist veneer materials. The latest veneers are porcelain veneers which not only look natural but are also highly durable. Porcelain veneers help in:

  • Reshaping your teeth
  • Correcting your bite
  • Enhancing your teeth color
  • Straightens your teeth
  • Improves resistance to stains

Understand the Procedure

Cosmetic veneers normally involve two visits to your dentist. During the first visit, your dentist will determine how your new smile would look like by working closely with you and fix temporary veneers. He will also work in close coordination with a reliable lab in order to provide you with customized dentist veneers that fit your perfect smile

Cosmetic dentist veneers help in giving you a quick smile makeover. This cosmetic dentistry procedure requires at least two sittings with your dentist. Dentist veneers not only help in enhancing the color of your teeth, they also are stain resistant. Your dentist will correct your smile by providing you with dentist veneers that are customized to your requirements.


Porcelain veneers beauty for Teeth

If you have a problem with colored teeth, one of the best ways to provide them with that beautiful glittery appearance is to get them covered with porcelain veneers of the appropriate color. When you use porcelain veneers beauty of teeth could be ensured as they offer the sheen you normally get with natural healthy teeth. The reason is that the porcelain is similar to enamel found on the healthy teeth on the way it refracts light. Due to this reason, the stained teeth acquire the original appearance of white healthy teeth when they are repaired by a qualified dentist with the use of porcelain veneers. 


Dental veneers- are they worth it?

Spending $500 to $3000 per dental veneer might sound like a crazy idea. However, with a rising number of people, from models, celebrities, reality stars and others seeking perfect smiles, that amount is worth the prestige, career advancement and well-being that it offers immediately after then have been applied. Dental veneers are used mainly for aesthetic purposes in which they are routinely used to address different situations: stained or discoloured teeth, worn out teeth, broken teeth, misaligned teeth as well as gaps or spaces between teeth.

A trip to a qualified veneer dentist is the first step. A skilled, qualified veneer dentist will be able to analyse the dental requirements of the patient and offer alternatives should the person be better off with bonding or other similar methods. Also, a veneers dentist will specify the limitations that veneers offer as well as take impressions of the teeth using x-ray.

Once the patient qualifies for veneers, a layer of teeth enamel will be removed from the specified areas. The amount removed will be equal to the thickness of the veneers that will be placed on the teeth. After that, impressions will be made and will be sent to a laboratory. The dentist himself does not do the actual cutting or shaping of then veneers. For someone with bad teeth situation, temporary veneers are applied while waiting for the actual porcelain dental veneers to arrive.

The bonding process permanently seals the dental veneers on their corresponding teeth. The dentist will check the fit first before bonding and see that the colour is perfectly matched to the actual teeth and the rest of the teeth. The teeth will be cleaned and polished as well as etched to further improve the bonding. A special light will be used to make the chemicals in the bonding agent activate and adhere to the veneers and the teeth. All adjustments and cleaning are done once the bond has fully cured

Dental veneers are ideal for numerous purposes. For someone who has stained his teeth or had structural problems, veneers are a second chance to a natural looking smile that is permanent. The porcelain also does not irritate the gums so they do not feel like something was piercing the gums or causing them to get inflamed. New innovations in porcelain veneers make them more stain resistant than before. Also, aside from matching the veneers to look natural, it is also possible to choose a shade lighter to create even brighter smiles. Compared to surgical procedures and shaping techniques, veneers do not mess with the teeth too much aside from the enamel being removed. Finally, these veneers only require standard maintenance and cleaning unless they chipped or got damaged due to accidents.

An important aspect here, though is finding the right veneer dentist who specializes in fitting, bonding and transforming the teeth. If you are thinking of getting dental veneers, it is necessary to check if your dental coverage can cover such procedures. While basic policies do not cover these, check with your insurance company.


Being well informed about dental veneers can protect consumers from risks

It is not easy when your teeth get bad: stained, chipped broken and many others. Having a good set of teeth made for you will cost a fortune and that is why being well informed about dental services as well as unique dental procedures will give you an edge especially if you decide to seek such procedures in the future. For many consumers, the right information can mean thousands of dollars in savings in the long run. With information available online especially for dedicated dental portals such as Dental Veneers Network, it is possible to become more aware about what is accessible nowadays and how to find the right people who can offer the best service.

History of Dental Veneers

Veneer itself has been around since the time of the Egyptians, but dental veneers are recent creations. The ideal image of beauty has always been marked by perfection. The screen sirens of the past have always evoked sensual drama: that image of beauty that is austere and distant. With a great big smile, the image of beauty became warmer, more colourful and with the entry of coloured television, the idea of perfectly white, shiny and symmetrical teeth have become more popular. Oral hygiene and dentistry, for many are considered as strictly medical services, but with the inclusion of cosmetic dentistry and dental veneers, we have seen a new dimension to having great teeth.

The original dental veneers were temporary since they would fall off due to denture adhesives were not ideal for permanent results. Nevertheless, for films, television and advertising, these were great masks for actors and performers. For 50 years, veneers have staples for Hollywood. It wasn’t until the 1980s when veneers would have a reinvention. Research headed by Simonsen and Calamia would prove that using hydrofluoric acid on teeth can create a stronger bond with porcelain and composite resins that create the veneers. This allowed permanence of the veneers, finally making the smile a true smile for the wearer.

Nowadays unique bonding agents, resins, and dental cements are now improved, allowing the veneers to last from 10 to 30 years. Due to its prestige as well as the permanence it offers, having veneers bonded is a skill that requires expert pairing of veneers to create natural looking lines and to prevent altering the bite of the mouth. Also, innovations with composites enabled porcelain veneers to resist stains and last longer in perfect condition.

Nowadays, the use of dental veneers has expanded to various aspects. One common reason is for aesthetics. Women and men want their teeth to look beautiful especially if the teeth have been stained considerably and might not be uniform in shape. Some people have the edges of their teeth thin and that makes the teeth look like the person has aged. Others want to create a beautiful smile for glamour purposes especially those who model or want to be in the film or television industry. The call for beauty can be quite expensive, but with veneers, that smile is all worth it especially if it could help create careers, revive your confidence or give you something to smile about every time you look at the mirror.

Avoid horror stories by finding the right dental professional

We have heard of horror stories of people who had awful dental veneers experiences in the past. One thing that is missing at the moment especially when it comes to cosmetic dentistry is the standardization in the practice. Some dentists are good, and some practices are awful. Seeking the best veneers dentist is a matter of finding specialists who have years of experience applying veneers. It is a matter of personal taste. This is why it is important for consumers to be well informed and educated about their options about quality dental services and practices to ensure that they do not become one of those who have experienced bad things with dentists.

By "Dental Veneers Network®" 


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